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This is a small private amateur web site that is being used as a launch pad for a few minor projects. The fact that you have landed here probably means that you have been directed to it as a friend or relative. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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Heybridge Basin Lock moorings

Heybridge Basin & Blackwater, Spring Walk (2012)

Snow across the fields - link to Cold Snaps in Ingatestone site

Cold Snaps in Ingatestone (2012)

Link to Hylands Park in the Autumn files

Hylands Park in the Autumn (2011)

 Link to Whitby site - photo of the harbour

Whitby 2011 (Site Under Construction)

Link to Shugborough web pages

Shugborough Hall and Estate (2011)


Link to Some Photos of Italy web page 

Some Photos of Italy (2008)

Link to the Church Ramble page - old version

Copy of the church 'Ramble Page' (disabled old version).


Doug Place
Essex (UK)

The banner photo at the top of the page was taken whilst on holiday in Oxenhope, Yorkshire (2009).

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